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Yoomken | The social network at your service

Please feel free to contact us, we value your feedback.

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Reach your full potential

Exchange services, build trust, expand your network, Yoomken gives you the power to go after your ambitions, to show the best of yourself and live through your skills freely.

Propose your services

Are you a Provider ?

A provider is the one that submits a service (service provider). Thus, you could offer for example language courses or cooking lessons, or maybe organize a party, and much more ….
If you have any doubt about the possibility of charging a particular service, do not hesitate to post your offer, the community will let you know soon enough.

Express your talent

Everyone has hidden talents. We are sure you have also …You know what you are capable of and what you are worth? then we will be happy to be useful as a showcase of your talents.
To do this, you need to expose your skills, strengths and especially your willingness to work well. You can express your full potential in contact with others. Indeed, Yoomken relies on the structural trend of collaborative consumption, a phenomenon in which mutual aid and solidarity occupy a prominent place.
So let yourself known! Yoomken is designed ​​for this.

Our assets

Frist of all, you dispose of free services to publish and reference your geotagged requests.You can search and post all manual or intellectual talents legally possible.
As a provider, you can even choose to pool your resources with other providers if the Asker is requiring more than one resource.
At the end of a successful collaboration, The asker can reward you by attributing a personal badge, expressing your expertise in a category of service and / or human quality that best describes you.. Thus, you can accumulate as many badges as possible in order to quickly obtain a first class status in the network.
As social network tool, Yoomken gives the opportunity to share all exchanges, advices, news, contacts, recommendation, etc…  at the sight of all.
Last, but not least, Yoomken uses the graph model to bring out possible interactions between users. The idea is to use the contacts acquired either outside or inside the network to find a partner the closer to his circle. A user should be able to choose for example how many possible connection with a relative before considering a result.

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