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Yoomken | The social network at your service

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A solidarity project

We offer you a social network adapted to in-home services which builds your relationships on equal bases of your human qualities and skills. We hope to help improve people's lives and develop an appropriate way to the emergence of new job opportunities. Our best reward is that Yoomken can help you.

Yoomken was born of mixed experiences in the job market from its members.

Noting that the relationship to work has changed and that offers providers are not really in tune with customer needs, Yoomken aims to recreate job opportunities by improving the visibility of supply and demand.

Sélim Pousse


Former Electronics engineer, I extended my competences to new technologies by becoming a renowned freelance. I really like my independence and I invest it in Yoomken in order to share it. I trust in its potential to help young people in their careers and to facilitate the search for timely job at daily basis.

Zürich, Switzerland
Gabriel Al Kotob


As Business Inteligence (BI) consultant, I bring my vision of my area of ​​work. There is a growing need for individuals to find a qualified candidate and at the same time free to perform their needs. I am convinced that Yoomken is the ideal platform to meet this need.

Paris, France
Kim Zrann


Engineering degree from ENSTA, with a ongoing financial analyst career, this project is for me an inspiration for many future developments. The main idea of the website was possible thanks to the recent development of social networks and the easy availability of related technologies. I strongly believe in Yoomken potential, to redraw the landscape of social network websites.

London, United-Kingdom
Sami Ben Tkhayatt


Enterprise architect and database expert, I am always looking for new challenges. Yoomken is a one for sure. And because I believe in his potential, I hope my experience will bring quality and stability needed for this project, to ensure the best possible service.

Paris, France
Ahmed Mhadhbi


Attiré par les nouvelles technologies, je recherche en premier lieu à monter en puissance dans ce domaine. C'est pour moi une aubaine que de participer à ce projet, car je mesure son probable impact sur la sociéte.
Tunis, Tunisia
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