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Yoomken | The social network at your service

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What's Yoomken ?

Yoomken is a new concept of support network designed for the home activities which builds your relationships on equal bases of your human qualities and skills.

A humain network

Yoomken is a new concept of social network initiated by observing evolving needs of the labor market.

Because it is based on the linking of users and the reduction of social distance, it creates opportunities for small business.

Based on an efficient architecture and an innovative filtering algorithm, the tool provides to users a unparalleled visibility on content for better interactivity.

To whom Yoomken is destined ?

Yoomken is primarily a service for individuals. If you think you have a skill that you could monetize or if you are looking for someone qualified to do something you cannot achieve or that you do not want to do, then Yoomken is the right tool for you.

From this perspective, Yoomken introduces the profiles of Provider and Asker: Provider, someone who offers a service (service providing) and Asker, someoned who is ready to pay for this service (service request).

It is important to note that user profile is not fixed, Provider may itself be Asker and vice versa.

A professional social network like no other

Beyond the various opportunities made available for posting and referencing offers, Yoomken is especially interested by providing the best services in terms of content filtering.

A recurring problem common to many social networks is the lack of visibility for content, the latter being often buried in the mass. To resolve this, Yoomken brings a sophisticated and innovative filtering system. In fact you can create as many posts as you want by combining as many filters as desired criterias.

Usually, lots of information is broadcasted through circles of friends, family and work, but in real life this model has limitations because it is difficult to extend contacts beyond this threshold. Thanks to a powerful technology, Yoomken allows you to extend this model to reasonable limits and thus to benefit from information always richer and more relevant.

All this guarantees you, as Asker a easier way to track appropriate profiles, and as a Provider to position yourself efficiently and get the best deals.

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