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Why was yeomen founded ?

People need help every day. The tasks may vary, but the need for help is always there. We remove the stress of “how to” find fast and efficient help by providing you with a straightforward, reputable platform to get direct, immediate assistance for life’s worries.

How does Yoomken work ?

Yoomken introduces the profils of Provider and Asker: Provider, him who proposes a service (service providing) and Asker, him who needs help (service request). It is important to note that user profile is not fixed, Provider may itself be Asker and vice versa. In the absence of choice, the user can assign himself a neutral profile that is actually a simple visitor profile and prevents the requests from other positioned members.

How much does Yoomken cost me for using its services ?

Nothing. Nada. Walou. It’s completely free of charges for any kind of users.

What’s a  Asker ?

Yoomken user seeking answers to his questions or help for a particular job (service request).

What is the advantage of being Asker ?

it helps you find people who can get pretty much everything done for you. Any place. Any time.

What’s a Provider ?

User Yoomken providing assistance or looking for a job (service providing).

Do the Providers work for Yoomken?

No. Yoomken only serves as a platform to match  Askers  with  Providers. You can find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

What about the rating system ?

The trust is a major issue for us! The evaluation system takes effect thanks to the earned badges of our members that develop their reputations. More they have badges, more they increase their reputation level.

How is it rated ?

Once a help is provided or once a job is completed, the beneficiary can give badges as reward for the assistance received or the job done."Help each other" is a worth that Yoomken defends and promotes in the network. If a person help another one, the recipient should expect to do the same thing if the opportunity arises.

How to get badges ?

You can earn several badges thanks to your relationships in the network for your service rendered but also with your close friends outside our Yoomken network that are even better placed to rate or define you. Therefore, it is possible to invite your friends not yet members by suggesting via our services to assign you Badges "Personality" or "know-how" (Just go to the page "Badges", select a badge, and finally via the service "Ask Badge" directly enter the email address of the person outside the network instead of the username). An evaluation of your profile will also be proceed on our side through new badges "Action" which will be distributed only by the system :There are various badges for applicable accomplishments. Here is an overview:
   Badge Helps given : completing many helps via yoomken will result in more badges. (ex: first help badge, 10 first help badge etc..)
   Badge Jobs done: successfully completing many jobs via yoomken will result in more badges. (ex: first job badge)
   Badge Jobs / day: there is a badge for completion of multiple jobs on a single day.
   Badge Week-end: shows a provider which works on the weekends.
   Badge Late hours: offering to work when it is convenient for the sponsor is worth a badge (after 7.00 pm)
   Badge Reactive: showing flexibility by quickly applying is something we give a badge for.
   Badge Good neighbors: helping someone in your neighborhood gets a badge.
   Badge Other city: traveling in order to help results in a badge.

Where are located service offers and Yoomken's users?

As a young start-up we are already present in the Ile-De-France. Our aim is to gradully cover the whole of France as well as the french speaking regions.

Where I can find further questions regarding Yoomken?

If you have more questions, we'd love to help. Just write an email to

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